He Lost Everything He Owned

Aug 24, 2023

Emergency Relief for Maui

Survivor accounts of the fires that swept through Lahaina in Maui have been heartbreaking to hear and watch.

“The flames and all the embers were coming — the wind was so strong [it] was blowing over the seawall — over our head. It was tremendously hot,” says one man, via AP News. “I lost … everything I’ve ever owned for the 40 years that I’ve lived in Lahaina.”

“I’m wondering what I’m going to do,” another man says. “There’s no real jobs around anymore.”

The “projected number of wildfire deaths remains elusive with over 1,000 still missing,” says Hawaii News Now. But the latest account from numerous sources hovers around 115 dead.

“Gov. Josh Green has said that given the incredible intensity of the blaze — which reached temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees in some places — and the scope of destruction, it is likely some remains will never be recovered, especially in larger buildings that have been reduced to ash.”

This horrific wildfire tragedy is one of the worst is recent U.S. history. Even worse, the federal government’s response has been next to nonexistent.

And while you and I may not travel in person to put tangible emergency aid into the hands of Lahaina’s survivors …

We CAN minister to them through Liberty Relief International’s on-the-ground partner.

  • People need food, water, clothing, and other basic necessities …

  • And they also need spiritual and emotional encouragement to help them cope with the devastation.

So many have lost so much. If you have seen the photos, you can imagine how overwhelming it must feel for people in the hardest-hit communities.

Thank you, in advance, for stepping forward today — to be counted as someone who WILL help, who WILL pray, who WILL respond in Christ’s name.

Mat Staver

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