God Is Moving In Syria And Turkey

Mar 7, 2023

Send Tangible Aid to Earthquake Victims

The latest numbers released this week in the aftermath of the massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria seem incomprehensible …

Reuters on Monday reported the following:

Deaths: Approx. 51,907 people

Injuries: 118,626+ people

Displaced: 2.4+ million people

Buildings destroyed: 200,089+

Some who lost their homes are now forced to sleep in their cars or in makeshift tents every night …

Many are still searching for a warm place to stay after having lost everything.

ALL need hope after such catastrophic devastation and loss.

Please stand with earthquake victims who need immediate support as well as long-term care while entire cities and towns rebuild.

You’ll be part of a large-scale and ongoing distribution of tangible support, including:

  • Food and water.

  • Blankets and shelter.

  • Trauma counseling.

  • Spiritual support.

  • And more.

Open Doors reports:

[One] woman … lived on the fifth floor of a building with her son. Their building collapsed, but both the woman and her son miraculously survived. The son, who didn’t believe in God, yelled “thanks be to God” and decided to begin following Jesus.

Praise God!

Keep the help and hope going, &FIRSTNAME;. Your compassion will impact lives in Jesus’ name!

Mat Staver

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