Partner Update: Easter in Action!

Apr 19, 2022

Bless children and families in Ukraine

Another key update for you from one of LRI’s several partners on the ground in Ukraine:

The need of people still remains. People here are very open and ready to [receive] everything. They all greeted us with smiles and joy on their faces, despite the gloom in their hearts. When I was handing out packages, I noticed one thing: before they take a grocery set, a flashlight, shampoo, diapers, etc., they think about their neighbor. Each of them lets each other go forward.

I was surprised how this war did not affect humanity and love for others. And surprised how such a small village teaches such a great example:

Love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus gave His life for this ...

After a weekend of celebrating Christ’s sacrifice, this is a beautiful picture of love and compassion being lived out amid war, extreme violence, destruction and loss.

Please stand with Liberty Relief International today. Our partners in many undisclosed locations are:

  1. Providing food, supplies and other necessities to refugees—both those trapped inside the country and those who have fled.

  2. Offering one-on-one spiritual support and child-friendly evangelism materials that point people to the One who saves, restores and heals.

  3. And more!

For every $30 you give today, six Ukrainian refugee children and their families will receive a backpack full of supplies, including aid products, food and faith-based booklets.

If you can give $50, 10 Ukrainian families will be blessed … $100 will help 20 families … or you may feel led to give much more.

The most recent partner update I received ends this way—again, very fitting given the Easter holiday you and I just celebrated:

All it takes is one, Jesus Christ, the one righteous man who saved the world. And through His death and resurrection, He showed how important it is to love your fellow man.

Thank you for loving others the way He loves us!

Mat Staver

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