"I Realized That My Heart Was Not In Chains"

Feb 23, 2021

When Italian missionary Pier Luigi Maccalli was released late last year - after being kidnapped two years before in Niger and held by Islamist extremists - he shared some very challenging but encouraging words about his experience...
I trust you will benefit from them as I have.
In a recent interview between the priest and La Croix (an international Catholic news source), he said:
The first hours, the first days, I was really discouraged.

I was lost; I didn't know what was happening to me; I didn't understand...

I thought I would be freed quickly. However, as the days went by, I realized that it was something else.
On the 40th day after my kidnapping, they made a video of me as proof of life.
At that point I realized that this was going to last and I had to make the decision to hold on...
I [would look] at the sand dunes that surrounded me and I thought of the biblical desert.
I said, "Lord, you spent 40 days in the desert, but here it will be much longer. Israel remained in the desert for 40 years, but I will not live until then. I offer you this time in the desert as a time for me to rediscover my vocation."
In the Bible, to go to the desert is always to find the motivation of the beginning.
So it was a time to renew my covenant.
When they took me away, my captors tied my feet with a chain.
For a missionary, being in chains was quite a symbol.
I was a prisoner, unable to go to the villages where I usually went.
But these chains freed my prayer: at that moment, I realized that my heart was not in chains...
To those who suffer from isolation, especially during lockdown, I would say that we must hold on, continue to resist in order to exist...
What wise and heartfelt thoughts from a devoted Christian abducted because of his faith!
I am grateful Father Maccalli is now safe with his family.
Yet the reality is: There are many more like him - individuals being held against their will...Christians denied freedom...believers targeted daily...brothers and sisters under attack...missionaries becoming martyrs.
You can give hope to the persecuted Church through Liberty Relief International - in northern Africa, throughout the Middle East and in Asia and beyond.
They need your voice. They need your prayers. They need your generous support.
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Mat Staver