They Face This Daily—Here's How You Can Help...

Mar 16, 2021

Reach Out in Love and Compassion Today

Persecution of your brothers and sisters in Christ is a daily widespread problem.

Many Christians are specifically targeted for violence in nations around the globe.

Here are just a few of the latest attacks according to a recently released report from the Gatestone Institute:

  • "Islamic terrorists of the Allied Democratic Forces killed 13 civilians in the Christian majority nation [of Democratic Republic of Congo] and burned down a Catholic church during a raid" on Valentine's Day.
  • In Nigeria: "A Muslim colonel stole weapons from an armory and then blamed the 12 soldiers on duty for the theft. Six of those 12 soldiers — all Christians — were then executed on January 25."
  • "The ninth church to be torched in Muslim-majority Sudan in two years took place...on February 17."
  • In Bangladesh: "Two Muslims brutally raped a married Christian mother" February 5 when she was home alone.
  • In Malta: "In an apparent attempt to kill the apostate and please Allah, a Muslim man stabbed a former Muslim who had converted to Christianity."
  • In Pakistan: "Haroon Ayub and Salamat Mansha, two Christian men...were arrested and are being charged with blasphemy — which carries the death penalty — because Muslims lied and told police that they were proselytizing."
  • In Ghana last month: "An armed gang attacked an all-night Christian prayer service… Three Christians — one only 2 years old — were injured after one of the assailants opened fire; the rest of the congregation fled and hid."

On and on the list could go.

If I had more space to share, you would see dozens of other examples of recent incidents that make Christians fear for their lives throughout the Middle East, across Africa and beyond.

Until there is no more suffering, no more persecution, no more hate and hostility...

God calls us to help...and help we must.

Thankfully, these brothers and sisters have you to rely upon.

Your tax-deductible donation to Liberty Relief International right now will provide relief like emergency food kits, water, shelter and safety to Christians in desperate need of life's basic necessities to survive.

Local, Spirit-led partners on the ground minister to men, women and families who are experiencing abuse and violence purely because of their faith.

These frontline partners offer trauma counseling, literacy and job training, assistance in rebuilding churches and homes that have been burned or Bibles, discipleship training and materials and more.

And you can empower them to reach the hurting with your generous gift to LRI.

Thank you...for your prayers and partnership. I am deeply grateful for you.

Mat Staver

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*Representative names and photos used for security reasons.