You've Seen the Pattern...

Oct 13, 2020

"Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause." -Isaiah 1:17

Hear their cries. Minister to their needs!

You know the pattern.

Most mainstream media outlets refuse to acknowledge the widespread persecution of Christians by radical Islamists around the globe.

Leftist groups and politicians preach tolerance, but routinely and blatantly ignore the oppression, criminalization and violence our brothers and sisters in Christ experience DAILY.

You and I know the facts are simply undeniable. According to a recent National Review article:

Over the past century, Christians, once a respectable force in the region, have drastically decreased in proportion to Muslims in the face of great social and physical pressure, dropping from 25 percent to 5 percent of the population...

In all, many Muslim-majority nations have permitted — indeed, encouraged — substantial religious persecution to develop within their borders, leading to a lack of free worship, geopolitical unrest, and, in many cases, an outright tyranny of the majority.

Clearly the religious persecution of Jews and Christians in Muslim-majority nations is a persistent evil that must be addressed. The United States Commission on Religious Freedom finds that 18 of the top 28 religiously oppressive countries are Muslim-majority.

Liberty Relief International’s mission is to help minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those suffering persecution for their faith.

Your partnership with LRI helps provide for immediate humanitarian needs like emergency food, water, shelter and safety — trauma counseling, literacy training and job training — restoration assistance to rebuild churches and homes — Bibles, Christian resources and discipleship training for new believers — and much more.

Your compassionate gift online right now — of 50, 100, 250, 500 dollars or more — will send urgently needed aid to our partners in the field who daily work with families who face constant risk from violence, torture, false imprisonment, kidnapping, rape or even death.

I cannot thank you enough for hearing the cries of the persecuted and acting on their behalf through your generosity and prayers.

You are “doing good, seeking justice and correcting oppression,” as Isaiah 1:17 exhorts us to do.

Yours in Christ,

Mat Staver

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