Asia Bibi's Warning to the World

Feb 13, 2020

I told you this week about the injustices associated with being a Christian in Pakistan...

  • Radical Islamic groups regularly and violently target believers
  • Christian converts from Muslim backgrounds are vulnerable to harsh persecution from both family members and friends
  • Sharia (the Islamic legal code) says men can marry underage girls as long as they have had their first menstrual cycle — young Christian or Hindu teenagers are most often the victims

You may remember from widely circulated news reports the name Asia Bibi — a Christian woman who spent eight long years on death row on false blasphemy charges and was eventually acquitted by the country’s Supreme Court.

After a long-fought battle, she escaped the persecution and imprisonment in Pakistan and made it out of the country, for which we praise God. now reports that Asia is issuing an intense warning to the world that the Christians who remain in Pakistan face a constant "sword of Damocles."

The WND report details the raw, painful facts of her imprisonment:

In a new book about her by French journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet, she says she "became a prisoner of fanaticism and tears were the only companions in the cell."

"My wrists are burning me, it is hard to breathe. My neck is encased in an iron collar that the guard can tighten with a huge nut. A long chain drags along on the filthy ground. This connects my neck to the handcuffed hand that pulls me like a dog on a lead. Deep within me, a dull fear takes me towards the depths of darkness. A lacerating fear that will never leave me," she says.

And now?

"Even with my freedom, the climate does not seem to have changed and Christians can expect all kinds of reprisals. They live with this sword of Damocles over their head," she says.

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God bless you,

Mat Staver

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