If this happened at your church . . .

Sep 19, 2019

You walk into church and immediately notice that John, one of the ushers, didn’t greet you at the door. Moments later, you receive word that John and his family were brutally attacked the day before—simply for being Christians.

John was seriously injured. His wife and two children are recovering from their wounds but remain terrified. Since their house and business was burned to the ground, they have nowhere to go and no way to make a living.

If this scenario were real, everyone at church would immediately take action to pray for the family and help them get back on their feet.

But what happens when instead of 1 family . . . it is hundreds . . . even thousands of families?

In Burkina Faso, one of the world’s poorest countries, the number of men, women and children who have been forced to flee their homes by jihadist violence is estimated at 289,000. Though not all of that number are Christians, they are all victims of the rise of Islamic terrorism sweeping Burkina Faso from neighboring Mali.

And they are all facing famine and a lack of health care.

Your prayers and generosity help Liberty Relief International work with Christ-centered partners in the region to provide as much relief and humanitarian aid as possible. But we must do more.

Pray for their safety and for their faith to remain strong. Pray also for those who are blinded by false religion to have their eyes opened to the one true God, for darkness to flee, for chains to be broken, for lies to be revealed and replaced with truth.As jihadists continue their push deeper into the region to set up their next caliphate—Christians are in the crosshairs. I shared heartbreaking stories earlier this year during the spate of attacks in Burkina Faso churches. Members were gunned down on sight. Others were forced to deny Christ or die.

The most recent attacks in Burkina Faso this month killed 29 people and bombed a truck convoy that was taking provisions to people who have been displaced because of the violence.

Please use this secure link to send your best, tax-deductible gift today to help provide emergency humanitarian relief to the displaced families without homes . . . without livelihoods . . . without food . . . children without schools . . . elderly and infirm without medical care.

The malignant threat of Islamic jihadists continuing to gain ground across Africa's Sahel region is a concern that the world, and the Church must take seriously.

Thank you for partnering with LRI to make a difference for believers who are suffering for their faith around the world!

God bless you,

Mathew D. Staver
Founder and Chairman

*Representative names/photos for security reasons.